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Our Business Plan is designed to be all-inclusive, providing your business with the fastest, most efficient support and issue resolution for the best price. The Business Plan includes everything from the Bacis Plan, plus unlimited remote and phone support, access to our ticketing system, and emergency on-site support. ArmTech Computer and IT Service basically becomes your corporate Help Desk with this suite of professional IT services. Our fixed-rate maintenance plan allows you to avoid expensive one-time emergencies other companies bill by the hour.

Includes BUSINESS Plan Features:

  • Antivirus Monitoring

  • Weekly System Updates

  • Weekly Application Updates

  • Service Monitoring

  • Process Monitoring

  • Hardware Monitoring

  • Hard Disk Monitoring

  • Offline Server Monitoring

  • Internet Outage Monitoring

  • Health Reports to Your Email

  • Server Performance Monitoring

  • PC Performance Monitoring

  • No Outsourced Techs

  • Serial Number Management

PLUS these additional features:

  • Unlimited Remote Support

  • Server Management

  • Printer Support

  • Network Management

  • Antivirus Management

  • Personalized IT Planning

  • Unlimited Phone Support

  • Emergency On-Site Support

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