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When your company’s computer or phone system stop working, or the Internet goes down, the last thing you want to do is call tech support. Those phone calls seem to last forever, and that’s if you get to talk to an actual person. When your computer or Internet is down, you don’t have time to waste sitting on hold.

With desktop support from ArmTech Computer and IT Services your staff won’t be wasting time listening to cheesy hold music anymore. Our dedicated support staff is always available to answer your IT questions and fix problems, fast! Average wait times with IT Support Guys is less than five minutes, with most support calls being answered by a technician or dispatch immediately. Minutes matter when your business has a computer or network issue, don’t waste them sitting in a queue.

When you sign up for the Pro or Works service plans, you’ll receive unlimited phone and remote support included in the plan. All techs are based in the U.S. so, when you call for help you know we’ll speak in a language you’ll understand.


Did you know you can alert our team to a technical issue while you continue to work? Our ticketing system allows your employees to stay productive by sending the exact details of the issue without even picking up the phone. Just click the “IT” icon to start a ticket. From there you can even attach a picture of the error on the screen. Our technicians will be alerted to the new service ticket and will keep you posted on the progress. Our support tools will expedite the process for resolution by attaching pertinent information like computer ID’s and logs, saving both sides time. The ticketing procedure also facilitates for transparency and accountability. You get to see exactly the work that goes into fixing your IT issues and keeps both parties in communication with each other.


Managing and maintaining an office filled with technical equipment, from computers and phones to printers and Internet routers, can be a daunting task for any small business. If you don’t have an in-house staff, the anxiety of what will happen with something finally goes wrong only gets bigger. Because, sure enough, something will happen to your office equipment. When you work with ArmTech Computer and IT Services, we’ll manage and maintain your office’s technical equipment, giving you a single point of contact to handle all the support needed. The same guys who set up your network infrastructure are the same ones who will make sure it keeps working. And they’ll be the ones you call when you need help.
Along with managing your hardware and software we can also provide vendor management services, keeping your staff off the hold queues with the likes of Big Internet Company. When you have an issue with a third-party vendor or Internet company, we will work with you and them simultaneously to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. We are a helpdesk so we “speak helpdesk” and can usually get an issue escalated faster than the Average Joe. Think of that next time you’re on hold with your Internet provider.


In a lot of small businesses, the most technically knowledgeable employee in the office becomes the go-to tech person. Yes, this “Accidental Techie” might be able to fix a thing or two, the truth is they know enough to be dangerous. Let’s take the example of a wireless router. Say the Wi-Fi in the office isn’t strong enough so the Accidental Techie decides to plug in a wireless router he brought from home. What he forgets to do is configure the router as an access point. Now, instead of just weak Wi-Fi, you have a broken network.
You want a knowledgeable IT specialist, like the ones at ArmTech Computer and IT Services, to correctly install and manage all areas of your business’ technology. Our IT professionals have seen every technical issue you can throw at them. This allows the right solutions to be taken in the first place, making future problems significantly less severe.


If your business has an in-house IT staff, lucky you. Not a lot of small businesses have the resources to build an IT department from the ground up. Depending on the size, they may be focusing their time on one area of your IT needs, like managing an ERP system or a custom solution you deliver to your customers. Don’t waste an engineer’s time with basic desktop and printer issues. The team at ArmTech can fill in the areas your in-house staff can’t handle on their own. This isn’t saying anything negative about your team. Everyone needs help with things; IT is no different. While your IT staff continues to manage and maintain your network, the ArmTech’ helpdesk can take care of your employee’s computer needs. Everything thing IT related is accounted for, and your entire organization is covered.

Desktop Support: Services
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