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Proactive network monitoring around the clock

Network Management: Services
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IT Solutions for Your Every Need


For your business to operate at its highest efficiency, you need a network that is up to the task. A reliable network infrastructure can improve performance and reduce costs, leading to higher productivity among your employees. Your network is more than just the Internet. It’s everything that keeps your business running smoothly. With the knowledge and expertise you get from working with ArmTech Computer and IT Services, you’ll have a network infrastructure built to grow with your business. We provide the tools and services to best manage your business’ network. From proactive monitoring and maintenance to vendor management and everything else that goes into running your business, network management from ArmTech Computer and IT Services means you’ll never worry about your network again.
When we talk about your business’ network, we refer to everything you use for your business to operate. This includes the Internet, your computers, the office phone system, and your servers, just to name a few components. For your business to function, you need each component to work properly and to work in harmony. ArmTech will set you up with the right infrastructure to ensure that everything in your business is in sync. Network management has a hand in every aspect of your business’ IT needs.


A major part of ArmTech Computer and IT Services network management is our proactive monitoring and maintenance of all areas of your network. You want to make sure all components are working properly, and we are on watch 24/7 to ensure that they are. Our expert staff is fully equipped to handle any issue that arises with your network. Our monitoring services include:


You notice that the hard drive is working a little harder and gets a little hotter. Your computer is functioning just fine, so you brush it off. Besides, this is just what happens when computers get old. Not exactly. When your hardware and hard drive begin acting like this, it’s a sign that something worse is to come. We keep an eye on all your computer hardware, hard drive health and critical component temperatures to make sure everything is operating effectively. Any dip and we know failure is just around the corner. That’s when we step in and offer a solution that will add life to your computer and hard drive while protecting you from equipment failure and data loss.


A lot of what ArmTech takes care of is noticeable to you and your employees. Computer performance issues, Internet maintenance, and phone and remote support are just a few examples. But a lot of what keeps your computers running smoothly happens in the background, and we make sure it’s performing the way it needs to be. If anything comes up that keeps the systems from running optimally, the processes are automatically restarted or flagged for manual examination.


We monitor all computer performance to make sure everything is running efficiently. If we detect a drop in performance, our team will address the issue and get your computers running smoothly.


Stay up-to-date and secure with a weekly system and application update. Keep all your users’ computers safe with the most recent, stable, and secure versions of common software used by your employees. Servers are updated with the latest patches to maximize security and fix issues before they generate time-consuming problems.


With anti-virus monitoring, we make sure every computer on your network has the right software installed. When a computer is unprotected, we quickly install and configure anti-virus software so one computer can’t endanger the rest of your network.


When the Internet goes down, your business stops with it. We make sure your Internet connection is available 24/7 and are immediately notified of any outages. When an outage occurs, you and your Internet service provider will be notified. We also investigate the incident, so we can actively prevent the issue in the future.


Our 24/7 monitoring immediately notifies us in case of an outage and allows us to get it back on-line to limit business disruption. We follow-up to resolve repeat outages in the future.


Servers are the backbone of your business and ArmTech Computer and IT Service keeps them running their best. Our monitoring allows us to address server issues before they become active problems for your users.


As a managed IT service provider, ArmTech Computer and IT Services offers a wide array of services to help your business function. You also have needs that fall out of the scope of what we provide. This includes your Internet service provider, web hosts and domain registers, and other third-party vendors. During our monitoring, we will be alerted to issues when they happen. If they are with products that we manage, we will fix this issue. If the service affected falls under the scope of a different vendor, we would work with them on your behalf to make sure none of your services are disrupted. This frees up you and your staff from having to call and deal with a different company’s support helpdesk.


Your network is vital to having your business operate smoothly. Having it all work together is difficult for a small business without an IT department to manage. Working with ArmTech and our highly-trained staff will set you up with the network management tools you need for an efficient and strong network. Put your network worries to rest with ArmTech Computer and IT Services. Contact us to learn more or speak with a specialist today at 818-666-8046.

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Network Management: Services
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